kitchen artwork black n white

kitchen artwork black n white


My name is Justine Danielle Henson

Art has always been with me from young, as growing up I have always aspired to the more creative jobs with challenges. And those challenges have made me who I am today.


freelance work:
Drawings and Paintings of pets, Families & Buildings
Designs for greeting cards
Artistic Impressions- interior and exterior drawings to scale
CAD design- Scaled floor plans, elevations and other

For further information, please contact me on 07973449762


Artistic Impressions for Clive Christian

I work for a luxury furniture company in Nottingham Called Clive Christian. I have now been working here for 5 years and Ienjoy my work very much.
At home I do the same but just a hobby drawing buildings and painting abstrast, will add the pictures of my past and current work.

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